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MemoryMaker DIY + Edit Assist

MemoryMaker DIY + Edit Assist

Excluding Sales Tax

Capture the essence of your special moments effortlessly. Our guide helps you interview and record, while our skilled team takes care of the editing for a polished, professional video.

  • How It Works

    Step 1: Use the attached DIY Guide to record video footage of your loved one. Please make sure to follow the guide as close as you can (see "Submission Requirements" below).


    Step 2: Upload your clips via this form. Once we received and review your footage, we will confirm if it is high enough quality for us to move forward. If not, we will refund your purchase (minus the $50 for our DIY Guide).


    Step 3: The Living Memories team will edit your clips into a custom video and share a finalized Vimeo link!


    Footage Submission Requirements: To submit your footage for the "Edit Assist" package, you will need to:

    1. Use a microphone for the interviewee (ensures high audio quality)
    2. Use a tripod for the interview (ensures stability)
    3. Have separate clips for each section of the interview as outlined in the Living Memories DIY Guide.
    4. Upload your clips here
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MemoryMaker DIY Guide



Purchase and download our PDF Guide 



Follow our guide and record your interview.



Our guide will walk you through how to edit and best deliver the video. We also have an option where you can send in your footage and we will handle the edit. 

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